Unlocking happyness

Unlocking the mystery of our origin comes by first finding the missing link that defines the meaning of life, which will inevitably reveal to us our destiny.

Satan uses the deception of false knowledge to mislead mankind on an endless journey in search of discovering the meaning of life. This Journey of self-discovery is misunderstood as man’s endeavor to unlock the meaning of life and is hence further misinterpreted as an act of righteousness.

Encrypted into our original design (seed of inheritance being buried within the conscience) lays the potential of greatness and man has spent many generations in search of the key to unlocking this great mystery.

All adamites (humans) have an awareness of eternity and therefore all experience the vexation of this dimension, being weighed down by time and the contradiction of death.

We are all aware of the fact that that death was never part of our design and that is why man continues search for “the fountain of youth”.